Apollo the Turtle Makes Headlines

//Apollo the Turtle Makes Headlines

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The Stafford Air and Space Museum recently made the front page of the Weatherford Daily News, but for a totally different reason. The following is the article about the museum’s mascot, Apollo the Turtle.

Making his home at the Weatherford Stafford Air and Space museum, Apollo the Turtle lives a happy life in the Rachel and Noble Amen Courtyard.

“To this day we have no idea how he got into the courtyard,” said Max Ary, Museum Director.

For as long as any staff member has been at the museum, Apollo has lived in the enclosed courtyard. He has become his own exhibit at he museum with guests eagerly waiting for him to out and eat his lunch every day. Apollo has his own story posted on the courtyard window, as well asĀ merchandise available in the museum’s gift shop.

Once or twice a day, Apollo will crawl out the garden mulch and make an appearance at the courtyard door. Staff members then feed him healthy servings of lettuce, cheese, and apples.

Apollo never leaves his home in the courtyard, but he is not alone said Brandi Rizzi, Museum Marketing Coordinator. Apollo is joined by several frogs, lizards and birds. Ary said every spring there’s a contest for which staff member sees him first.

“He has adopted us,” said Brandi Rizzi. “He owns the courtyard.”

Museum visitors and children can view Apollo from the courtyard window, or enjoy a picnic lunch in Apollo’s home. The Rahcel and Noble Amen Courtyard is opened for the public to use during the museum hours. The courtyard was made available by the donations from area locals, Rachel and Nobel Amen.

Rizzi said the museum is hoping to add more wildlife friends additions to the courtyard including a birdhouse. If anyone creates birdhouses would like to donate to the courtyard contact Rizzi atĀ  772-5871

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About the Author:

Chaney is the Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Stafford Air & Space Museum. Feel free to reach out via email at chaney@cityofweatherford.com or phone at 580-772-5871.