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The Stafford Air & Space Museum offers a truly memorable and challenging educational experience for students, with a lot of fun mixed in!

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Stafford Air and Space Museum is to educate, inspire, and engage adventures of all ages with the wonders of air and space exploration.

Vision Statement:

We will accomplish this by:

  • Acquiring, preserving, restoring, and displaying air and space artifacts of historical and/or scientific significance.
  • Developing educational displays and materials that will:
    – Entertain the public with the sights and sounds of air and space travel.
    – Increase the public’s awareness and understanding of the development of air and space flight and the contributions of air and space technologies to society.
    – Excite and inspire students and explorers toward careers in math, science, engineering, and technology with the awe and exhilaration of air and space travel.
  • Maintaining an educational center where teachers can acquire classroom lessons and materials and students can participate in hands-on activities.

Teacher Resources/Museum Programs:

  • Tours & Field Trips
  • Flight Simulation Computer Lab
  • Rose & Tom Luczo Educational Center