F-16 Canopy Replaced

//F-16 Canopy Replaced

Museum Volunteer Jim Friesen works on the F-16 canopy.

In late February, the Stafford Air and Space Museum along with a few Museum Volunteers began work on the F-16 Fighting Falcon Jet’s canopy. The Jet, partially developed under the direction of General Tom Stafford, still serves today as one of America’s front-line fighter aircraft. The Museum’s F-16 original canopy was showing signs of distress, fading, and peeling due to being outside in direct sunlight for years before coming to the museum on loan from the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The Museum obtained a new clear canopy (no tint had been applied to this canopy) to install on the F-16. Work began two weeks ago and now the F-16’s new canopy is installed. Come see the F-16 and more aircraft inside the Stafford Air and Space Museum.


The new canopy installed on the F-16.


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