Field Trips in Full Swing

//Field Trips in Full Swing

CESThe Stafford Air and Space Museum launched full steam ahead into school field trip season in mid April as they welcomed over 250 Burcham Elementary first graders, with more students scheduled to come throughout the month, the museum and its volunteers are ready to bring some space to its smaller visitors.

The excited little astronauts from Burcham were led by their commanders or their teachers rather, throughout the museum as they learned about the beginning of flight with the Wright Brothers and flew their mission further into the museum learning about the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. They ended their day with lunch outside at the museum’s courtyard.

“Having the Weatherford students at the museum fills it with such energy and enthusiasm. W e love being able to  tell the story of General Stafford and his career to the students,” said Museum Marketing Coordinator Brandi Rizzi.

Each year the Burcham Elementary brings its students to the museum to learn about Weatherford native, General Thomas P. Stafford. Every Weatherford Public School student has year-round free admission to the museum.

“What an incredible opportunity for our young students”, said Burcham Elementary first grade teacher Kelly Schamburg on her group’s visit to the museum.

“The opportunity to learn about General Stafford through the video at the beginning of our field trip made the museum so much more interesting and intriguing for the students.  The contents of the museum are just unbelievable.  I would guess that this museum provides a far greater experience than is available in most big cities.  The planetarium experience was great, as well.  It was an awesome way to help our students gain a better understanding of the planets in our solar system,” said Shamburg.

If anyone is interested in scheduling a field trip to the museum contact Sharon Butcher at 580-772-5871.




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Chaney is the Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Stafford Air & Space Museum. Feel free to reach out via email at or phone at 580-772-5871.