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The Stafford Air & Space Museum became a Smithsonian Affiliate in June 2011. Since then, the museum has developed a special partnership with the Smithsonian Institution which enables the Stafford Museum to offer two memberships in one! With the purchase of any MACH level membership, patrons will receive a membership to the Stafford Air & Space Museum AND the Smithsonian Institution. This two-in-one membership allows members to not only be a part of the Stafford Museum, but to join with one of the largest museum and research complexes in the world! Benefits range from magazine subscriptions, Smithsonian store discounts, travel opportunities, and more!

The Stafford Air & Space Museum is one of ONLY 3 Smithsonian Affiliates in Oklahoma. This packaged membership is exclusive to Smithsonian Affiliate museums and its members.


Museum members have access to exclusive events, including “Stories at the Stafford.” One such event showcased the movie “Apollo 13” and provided additional insight surrounding the movie filming and historic space flight. Our museum director, Max Ary, worked closely with movie director Ron Howard during filming to ensure historical accuracy and authentic sets and equipment.
These incredible events are FREE to our members!