Wright Wradio and WestOK Weekly Joins SASM

//Wright Wradio and WestOK Weekly Joins SASM

WWThe Stafford Air and Space Museum has joined forces with Wright Wradio and the WestOK Weekly.

Museum Marketing Coordinator Brandi Rizzi said she is proud to add Wright Wradio to the growing list of museum corporate sponsors. As part of their sponsorship, Wright Wradio and WestOK Weekly will promote the museum on air and in print.

“Having the support of Wright Wradio and the WestOK Weekly is a major statement towards the level of support and recognition the Stafford Museum is obtaining,” Rizzi said. “The Stafford Museum is growing in the eyes of Oklahomans and is well on its way to being recognized as a must-see attraction for all Oklahomans and tourists.”

Wright Wradio owners, Harold and Heston Wright, said they are proud to support a local gem like the Stafford Air and Space Museum. Wright Wradio has worked to promote live, local news and sports to the communities it covers since 1970.

Harold Wright said the station is dedicated to providing a service to the community, and strives to be a viable part of the cities within and beyond its coverage area.

“We are very fortunate to have a museum of this caliber right here in Weatherford, “Harold Wright said. “The museum is something we, as a community, can be very proud of. Not many communities can say they have an actual piece of the moon rock right on display in their own town. I would not hesitate to say the Stafford Air and Space Museum rivals any space museum in the country. We are able to provide instant listening to folks driving through our area, which is valuable because that can prompt them to stop and spend some time here.”

“Our job is to promote the community we live in,” Heston Wright said. “Working with the museum allows us to do just that. We want to remind people, both local and out of town, to go to the museum and enjoy the history they have to offer.”

The Stafford Museum has continued to gain support from local businesses, state, and nationwide corporations.

The Stafford Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, just recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Mission. The anniversary was commemorated during a recent celebration at the Stafford Air and Space Museum with the two men who made a history changing handshake, Gen. Tom Stafford and Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov along with ten other astronauts, and was the only celebration in the United States for the event.

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Chaney is the Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Stafford Air & Space Museum. Feel free to reach out via email at chaney@cityofweatherford.com or phone at 580-772-5871.